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HomeOK Returns Centre

HomeOK Returns Centre




HomeOK provides nationwide domestic security and protection systems. The product has been designed to bring a simple and useful service to look after the things we love. Our Family and Home. The service-based solution uses German engineering and unique artificial intelligence to catch important moments in your home with the highest security possible - it’s a bit like having your own mini security guard.


HomeOK contacted MCR Services with a proposal to help the business manage its subscription customers and returns process. This would be the first project of its kind for MCR Services working as a ‘returns centre’ on behalf of HomeOK. As a result the team needed to be very familiar with the product and its components. MCR Services had to understand the product’s subscription process; learning about each component and all included paperwork/instructions.


MCR Services receives any systems that have been returned at the end of an initial free trial period or as a result of customers cancelling the monthly subscription service. Staff then test and reset each individual component, which includes two door or window sensors, water leak sensor, temperature sensor, indoor camera, and gateway. Missing parts are replaced along with instruction guides and the system is then repackaged in an ‘as-new’ condition before being sent out to the next customer. The relationship between HomeOK and MCR Services is ongoing as its returns centre. The team have reworked and repackaged just under 2000 products to date.

MCR Services allows us to meet our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste by restoring any returned units to as-new condition, ensuring that they are able to be reused.