MCR Marketing Services Ltd

Order Fulfilment

We can help receive, prepare and deliver your products based on your specific business requirements

A growing number of our clients now rely on us for order fulfilment services including shipping products direct to the customer.

Gastroback is a great example - the German household appliance manufacturer benefits from our 'one-stop-shop' services as we store over 50 of its appliances and are able to pick, pack and dispatch stock quickly and efficiently when required.

Our order fulfilment services are perfect for clients that have experienced business growth and no longer have warehousing capabilities to organise the logistics around receiving, preparing and delivering goods.

Pick, pack and dispatch services

It's becoming more common for home furnishing retailers to offer customers the opportunity of getting samples of fabric or other materials delivered to their home.

That way customers can choose materials that complement their décor.

MCR Services currently provides both Westbridge Furniture Designs and John Lewis with our swatch pick, pack and dispatch service. Requests for swatch samples or swatch cards can be received by phone or email into our team, with a guaranteed dispatch within 24 hours.

The fabric is cut and stored within our spacious workshop facility, with a strict stock control system in place to ensure we never run low on fast-moving or popular swatch samples.

As part of our stock control system, we can also provide clients with regular reporting on quantities mailed out to help manufacturers review and monitor the sales cycle.