MCR Marketing Services Ltd

Heat Shrink Wrapping

Fully protect and secure your products in transit, ready for retail

Providing our clients with cost-effective solutions and services is of great importance to us.

That's why we've invested in the latest heat shrink wrap machine so we can provide a full shrink wrapping service without the need to outsource elements to third party suppliers.

This clever piece of shrink wrapping kit provides both heat shrinking and sealing in one unit which means we can speed up our packaging lines to get large scale projects completed in less time, whilst maintaining a high-quality finish.

Our brand new machine can heat shrink wrap up to the following measurements - L770mm x W590mm x H250mm – and is one of the most versatile and effective methods of packaging available.

Shrink wrapping not only protects from dirt and damage, it creates a highly secure and tamper-proof environment for products in transit and ready for sale.