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Quality Inspection and Mould Removal

Increase your profits by reducing your returns

Every company, no matter what its industry, builds a reputation over time for delivering high-quality goods and/or services.

Maintaining those high standards is what's important.

Our team of experts at MCR are on hand to operate as an extension of your business, providing invaluable professional quality inspection services. We can isolate, segregate, sort and re-collate a product, then repackage it ready for sale.

On request, we can also provide detailed reports with our findings.

Quality Grading or Quality Inspection

Our quality grading or quality control service provides clients with a reliable source for ensuring products go to sale in perfect condition. We find that our quality inspection service works particularly well with clients that have goods delivered direct to MCR from overseas.

To a clients' strict specifications, we perform a quality inspection on a sample selection of goods, grading each item to provide our client with evidence as to whether the full shipment should be passed or rejected. This process helps underpin the procedures you have agreed with your overseas supplier and works as part of the foundations to your quality procedures.

Mould Removal and Anti-Mould Cleaning Services in Product Packaging

Mould removal and anti-mould cleaning services are becoming increasingly crucial in product packaging, especially when freight is transported during monsoon seasons or periods of extreme humidity. When products are packaged abroad, they are often exposed to damp conditions that can lead to mould growth, odour, and mildew issues.

During transportation, especially in humid conditions, the mould then quickly spreads throughout the entire shipment, compromising its quality and integrity.

Quality, appearance, and functionality of a product can be damaged before it's even reached the UK, and can even pose health hazards to consumers… consequences that will most certainly damage your brand and reputation.

That's where MCR Services can help! We use Micro-Fresh technology to help restore products to their original quality, and prevent mould re-growth.

Our aim is to help you eliminate any risks to your business, ensuring products reach customers in pristine condition.


We assess the extent of mould damage to the product and the entire shipment.


We remove mould thoroughly and clean the product using an anti-mould cleaning solution.


Products are left in an open area to dry. Drying time differs dependant on product materials.


We use Micro-Fresh technology to achieve lifetime product freshness. This clever anti-cleaning solution acts as a barrier and preventative, extending the lifespan of your products.


With years of experience in rework and co-packing, we repackage your products using new materials such as tissue paper and polybags, before packing into boxes ready for palletisation.

We have already helped lots of businesses protect their brand using our mould removal process, and have established best practise for anti-mould services.

So, if you're looking for anti-mould services for your product, get in touch. By outsourcing the task you can save time, resources, and ensure optimal results.