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Handling and Unloading Containers

Reduce your carbon footprint and reduce transport costs with our devanning services

There are various terms used in the logistics industry for the process of offloading goods from a sealed container - container devanning, container destuffing, unstuffing container, or simply put, unloading a container.

At MCR Services we regularly deal with clients who require devanning services as shipments come in from overseas, with goods packed and stacked in bulk (a cost-effective solution), and ready for us to rework the products.

Fabric swatch services

Handballing services

Container devanning - deemed one of the most important elements of the logistical process – requires a lot of planning and organisation. Thanks to a shared location with our sister company Moody Logistics and Storage, we have access to the company’s warehouse team who are highly skilled in this provision and understand the importance of removing goods with great care.

Our close ties with Moody’s also means we have the facilities on-site to accommodate a bulk packed container load, and can provide a handball service – a process that involves breaking down freight by hand and palletising it ready for storage in Moody Logistics’ warehouse facility or moving direct to our workshop for rework.

Fabric swatch services

We also cater for clients who's freight arrives palletised within a container shipment, with equipment including a ramp for easy forklift access to remove pallets.

The warehouse team’s handballing services are second to none.

We have various clients who put their trust in us to ensure their products are handballed off the container safely and securely.

Inspection and quality control services

Our clients are often reliant upon our quality inspection services, which we can bolt on to our devanning services to facilitate handling goods in full before they're ready for the retail environment.

Whether you're a start-up business or well established, you may not have the resources to complete quality inspection services in-house. We're here to bridge that gap, providing a complete cycle to give you peace of mind that your products have been carefully handled and inspected, and are ready for sale.

A complete logistical service

With transport links thanks to our sister company Moody Logistics and Storage, we can offer our clients a complete logistical service, from receiving shipments into the UK, transporting them to our workshop and storage facility, and devanning.

Fabric swatch services

With access to Moody Logistics' skeletal trailers we can easily organise the collection of containers from nearby ports such as Blyth, Port of Tyne and Teesside.

We estimate that by utilising our services we can save businesses up to 80% on their transport costs, with a streamlined approach sending containers direct to our facility versus the costs associated with sending containers elsewhere to be palletised and then transporting 2-3 trailers to us.

In essence, our clients never need to see their products.

Our complete service is particularly beneficial to those clients who want to save time and costs associated with visiting our workshop in Northumberland.