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Diamante Strip Rework

Diamante Strip Rework


One of MCR Services’ customers got in touch about an issue with an item of furniture. The metal frame had decorative diamante strips on which, upon further investigation in quality checks, were peeling away and falling off the frame - most likely during overseas transportation to the UK. The glue used to stick the diamante strips was unsuitable and therefore needed replacing with something more resilient.


The customer recommended MCR Services use a very durable double sided sticky tape, and work began on the 150 pieces requiring the rework. The team at MCR had to take off the diamante strips on every item before using a scraping device to remove the excess hardened glue, creating a flat surface ready for re-sticking. Carefully using a scalpel the double sided sticky tape was cut to size before pressing it against the metal frame. Due to the flexibility of the decorative strips any surplus diamantes had to be trimmed at the edge. The furniture was then repackaged in full and returned to the customer’s distribution centre ready for sale.